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Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom Country Floors Los Angeles Tile Showroom

Our tile store Los Angeles location is on Melrose near the renowned Pacific Design Center. Our best-in-class showroom offers a superior selection of ceramic, glass, authentic terracotta, glazed brick, Delft Dutch tile, and curated decorative.

The store is a 2000 square foot gallery of many unique styles and varieties of tile from all around the World. From timeless Delft to contemporary white Marble in various shapes, all kinds of concept boards are on display.  The store has a courtyard that accommodates many types of exterior surface covering materials like porcelain pavers, natural stone pavers, or pool elements.

A great part of Los Angeles and surrounds use many types of stones for exterior hardscapes and pool decks. Our stone pavers and custom deck materials can furnish even the most challenging estate.  These selections are enhanced by many exterior walls covering stone panels and ledger stones. Our slate and ledger selection is perfect for retaining walls, and outdoor cooking areas.

Our experienced designers can assist you in selecting the right style for the right budget.  Our unique collections include exotic stones like marble, limestones, onyx, slate, and semi-precious stones. In addition,  our ceramic tile gallery has a subway shape, unique mosaics, porcelain tiles, and endless varieties of hand-painted decorative elements for all kinds of taste and budget. If you are doing a Belair mansion or a Brentwood condo we are the right tile store.

Our experienced designers specialize in historic tiles from various boutique manufacturers in California as well as Europe.

Please call us to make an appointment today to visit the ultimate tile store Los Angeles.  You can see our directions here.



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