Onyx tile is a material that has been described in many ways over the centuries. Usually, it will present as having distinctive bands…but not always.

The best onyx tile in the World comes from Pakistan, Iran, and Mexico.  Onyx quarries found near ancient river beds sand oceans form all kinds of wild exotic colors of green, white, and yellow.  Often  Onyx quarries are found next to travertine quarries and it resembles the veins and colors of these types of stones.

Onyx is a translucent material and it can also be used in office wall applications, hotels, and restaurant bar tops, and other areas with lighting in the background. These panels with backlighting bring out all the beauty of this wonderful type of natural stone.

Our onyx collection includes floor and wall tiles like 12x24, matching mosaics in 1x1, 2x2, and other shapes. Some of our onyx materials also have matching slabs in 3/4" or 1 1/4"  thickness.

Bookmatched slabs in onyx are particularly dramatic on walls or countertops.

Onyx is a fragile material and must be handled with love and care.  Onyx slabs particularly have natural crevices that are filled with cement and other additives with matching colors.

As a rule, it is somewhat exotic in appearance and Country Floors is happy to furnish a variety of modern onyx elements.

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