Porcelain is a trendy variety of tile that is preferred by homeowners and business owners alike. In addition to the advantages of durability, strength, and beauty, these tiles are inherently cost-effective too.

To create the tiles, dense clay is subjected to fire at higher temperatures than regular ceramic tiles. Besides clay, porcelain consists of other natural materials blended and burned in a furnace.

Areas of use

Due to its non-porous nature and uniformity in structure, porcelain has a wide variety of uses for areas. It supports radiant heating solutions and is ideal for unstable climatic conditions.


At Country Floors, we offer all kinds of tiles for the floors and walls of residential and commercial spaces. With five decades of experience in supplying superior-quality products, porcelain tiles are just one area of our expertise.

At our one-stop tile store, we have a range of options, from the sophisticated and elegant Atlas porcelain tile to the chic and unconventional Linea tile. Alternatively, the Country Wood tile will give your home a rustic, country look, while the elegance of the Ecocem tile is attractive for any home interior. For a statement fireplace, we suggest our Waterfall or Piedra Norge tiles to enhance the textures of the living room.

Customers also prefer our porcelain tiles for commercial spaces. For a modern aesthetic, our exclusive Metallic porcelain tile gives homes a sleek appearance. In turn, the Metro, Metro 2.0, and Metro 3.0 tiles provide a clean and trendy look to restaurants, retail stores, and other business areas. In addition, our Trevi tile elevates commercial, high-traffic spaces. The Elegante tile matches the white interiors of any given space.

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