The Country Floors collection of Spanish inspired terracotta tiling owes its inspiration to the ‘Lenguas Mallorquinas’. Translating to ‘fabric of flames’, these traditional fabrics, woven on the small island of Mallorca, East of mainland Spain, feature geometric patterns that make these fabrics so special.

How Fabrics Inspired Our Mallorca Terracotta Collection

The patterns are seemingly never-ending, with eye-catching colour choices created using natural dyes. We have opted for a range of natural tones and understated patterns that will turn your home into a beautiful and traditional island casa.

The Spanish built their terracotta to last, as do we at Country Floors. Terracotta tiles are naturally resistant to harsh chemicals, bacteria, and mould growth. They can shine bright for decades when installed properly. The light Indigo Wash and Vintage Linen pigments have been chosen to create a sense of roominess, while the individual patterns work to bring an atmosphere of regality steeped in history to any room.

Natural stone in Traditional Spanish Interior Design

While our antique and natural terracotta does make for a perfect traditional addition to a home, to bring a sense of rich culture to any space, there’s no denying that terracotta is definitely on trend for 2021. An appreciation for culturally inspired tiling patterns has seen a resurgence in the last few years, alongside a reignited passion among interior designers and architects for all things the Mediterranean. Not to mention, terracotta is one of those natural stones so in demand for creating a high-class interior. This means the Country Floors Antiqued Mallorca terracotta collection hits every mark when it comes to what’s in style at the moment.

However, terracotta tiles have been used throughout Europe for centuries, in everything from peasant housing to palaces. When it comes to incorporating our patterned terracotta into an existing style, a rustic, vintage, mid-century, or Mediterranean surrounding definitely provides the best setting for these natural stone tiles. Natural light is a must when working with the Antiqued Mallorca terracotta collection. The tile patterns are so vivid that their timeless nature and artisanal construction, while still beautiful, are somewhat dulled in unnatural light sources. However, terracotta’s timelessness means bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living spaces, and hallways are all perfect places to showcase the versatility of these patterns and materials.

A Closer Look at the Collection

Flama – Incorporating a gorgeous explosion of sharpened white diamond shapes set against a backdrop of either warm sun-drenched golds or beautiful pastel blues, the Flama pattern is unarguably striking no matter where the terracotta tile is used in the home.

Ikat – This particular patterned terracotta tile showcases understated blue paint dabs, ringed with a beautiful hand-painted, yet geometric halo. With the Vintage Linen colouring in particular, the opposing colours play off each other beautifully and the strong square patterns carry their fabric inspiration into their application.

Manta – This pattern perhaps most closely resembles the original inspiration for the collection. With connecting squares of various colours and a beautiful trim of shining white triangular shapes, the Manta patterned terracotta tiling resembles a gorgeous patchwork textile.

Menorca – A unique addition to the collection, the distinctly floral shapes and double-lined frames in contrasting sets seem to resemble antique royal tiling rather than antique fabrics. Particularly in Indigo Wash, this terracotta tile is a statement piece for your home.

India – With a beautiful blue and gold diamond centrepiece adorned with swirling and curling framing, the India tile combines the influence of Mallorca, and of those nations whose textile trade with Spain further inspired the Lenguas Mallorquinas. The busy nature of this patterned terracotta tile makes it perfect for the kitchen or office.

Tulips – This floral-inspired terracotta tile features concentric tulip shapes placed in a striking arrangement, complete with leaves and other natural elements, and finished with swirling framing. This tile is perfect in a wider floral theme, or as a statement piece in a more minimalist surrounding.

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To view the full collection of Antiqued Mallorca terracotta tiles available on our site, or our other natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use terracotta tiles in your home or office, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your patterned natural stone tiling interior.